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the_game_place's Journal

27th December, 2004. 10:57 pm. Spander Ficathon Ahoy!(darkhavens)

I have just opened the signups for "The Colour, Sound, and Random Object Spander Ficathon.".

Quite a mouthful, huh?

Signups are open until Saturday January 15th, and fic is due seven weeks after that, on Saturday March 5th, which, quite coincidentally is my birthday. Clever, eh? ;o)

The ficathon is open to all, including those without LJs, so pimp it wherever you can!

(I know, this isn't exactly a game, but it's still fun, so come 'play'!)

Current mood: excited.

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22nd November, 2004. 9:37 am. National Game and Puzzle Week!(ex_kyrieane267)

I know, it's thanksgiving week, and we are all busy as sin, however, it is Nat' Game and Puzzle week! So, in honor, I want y'all to come up with a puzzle, or game we can all play, for the duration of the week! I will too, and post it here in a bit (bathroom must be cleansed of its vile boy!leavings!) Also, I want to do a treasure hunt come January, would any of you be interested in participating? The number of peeps I have who are decides how the game is played! Lemme know!


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20th November, 2004. 10:54 am. Call for prompts(writan_bur)

I'm bored, my original plans for today were cancelled and I don't feel like working for uni, so gimme prompts.

And because I still have to write several Spander fics, I'm gonna limit it to prompts for that pairing and fandom.

Also: to make it more interesting, and because the fics are either Xmas or anniversary, try making it present prompts. The definition of that is up to you though...

Current mood: bored.

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12th November, 2004. 7:28 pm. New Game!(ex_kyrieane267)

Ok, so I've been lazy...sorry ducks! Same as last time!

Word PowerCollapse )

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2nd November, 2004. 9:44 am. prompt challenge(ex_kyrieane267)

I wanna write, and I wanna play! So here is a little game, just to get the ol' juices running! I am going to give you 5 sets, one for each sense. With 5 prompts within each set. Your job, should you choose to accept, is to take one prompt from each set, and write a ficlet. pick a fandom, genre, original set of characters, the only thing you have to include is the prompts!

Sight: sunrise after a night of hard rain.
sunlight sparkling on icicles.
the starlit sky of a clear winter night.
annonomous lovers in a tiny cafe.
the table after thanksgiving dinner

Sound: a child singing
a lover's cry in the middle of the night
the first whispered 'I love you'
the final whispered 'Goodbye'
a lighter flicking in an otherwise silent room

Scent: purfume of an old lover...on a stranger
wet earth
a child, fresh from the bath
strong, rich coffee

Touch: old, weathered wood
the inside flesh of a lover's thigh
deep, plush carpet

Taste: a forgotten kiss
the first sweet strawberries
dry red wine

So, there is no time limit, choose one prompt from each set! have fun!


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27th October, 2004. 3:35 pm. drabbles update!(ex_kyrieane267)

Because I'm anal

doyle_sb4 asked for nature as a prompt, and has written....

red/gold leavesCollapse )

writan_bur asked for light for her prompt, and has written...

light falling on a lovers handCollapse )

candlelightCollapse )

light off waterCollapse )

kyrieane asked for texture as a prompt (and is really behind!)
smoothCollapse )

wet sandCollapse )

fleeceCollapse )

grassCollapse )

broken glassCollapse )

tabaqui asked for music as a prompt, and has written...

the lonely music of a calliopeCollapse )

the soft sound of a guitar next doorCollapse )

mozartCollapse )

nickle3 has asked for sounds, and has written...

wind blowing through winter bare branchesCollapse )

the creak of a wooden floorCollapse )

amejisuto has asked for movies as a prompt, but it got quiet! Come on y’all, i wanna play some more!

and thats it for now....more soon!
(if i missed one, let me know!)

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27th October, 2004. 7:46 am. drabble me this drabble me that(ex_kyrieane267)

Ok, my little lollipops! Here is the game for today!

Drabble Call!

Rules are simple. I want you to give me a prompt. Texture. In return, I will give you a prompt, theme of your chosing. Anyone who plays can recieve a prompt from another player as well! example: tabaqui gives me a prompt, so I give one back to her. Then amejisuto wanders over and gives both tabaqui and I a prompt, in return, both of us give amejisuto a prompt!

This drabble call will be open for 24 hours, and close at 8 am Mountain Standard Time...where I am right now!

Any questions?

Let the games begin!

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26th October, 2004. 5:59 pm. Plot Bunny to adopt ...(lomelinde_sama)

I know there are lotads of BUffy authors out there ... this is mainly for you guys, but if someone else feels up to mangling it ...

Songs always inspire me loads of things, though, strangely, no song fics. I am unable as of yet to write a good song fic, my only attempt is a small part of a larger fic, to which the song did fit, and putting opening or ending themes to my feet. Yet, songs always make me think of situations (you can blame my lates one shot on English summer rain by Placebo and my fever). This one, though, doesn't feet my purposes in anime fic writing, but it evoked stuff that could fit in a buffy situation ... except I am not a Buffy writer in earnest, and simply don't have the time. I dunno what it will tell you, but the lyrics to that song evoked Spike in my mind. This is a good piece of Rock to, if you listen to it.

See LyricsCollapse )

Have fun and mangle away ! *runs from hundreds of plot bunnie*

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20th October, 2004. 5:53 pm. Procrastination(writan_bur)

Hi folks, I'm bored, gimme prompts, I wanna write something.

(also, my motivation is sadly lacking right now, need to get myself into the right frame of mind to do more studying for exam tomorrow)

So, any and all ideas welcome!

Current mood: bored.

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19th October, 2004. 9:17 am. todays game!(ex_kyrieane267)

Ok, y'all. I am having way too much fun with these! So here is today's offering!

tally ho!Collapse )

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